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We will take care of the users and hardware of your computer network under pre-agreed conditions

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We provide basic user support, which is based on the needs of daily operation of the company's ICT infrastructure

 Consultation for development of IT infrastructure

Consulting services related to strategic planning and development plans in the field of information and communication infrastructure

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We also perform routine repairs of corporate hardware directly related to the operation of the company's ICT infrastructure

  Instalation of hardware and software

We introduce new devices into the existing environment and install various types of software applications

 Servers and active items of PC networks

We supply more complex computer systems, especially physical servers and active elements of computer networks and selected application solutions

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We provide consulting support to IT staff in solving problems associated with the operation of corporate computer networks and IT infrastructure

 Educate Me! Traininng and courses of computer literacy 

We increase computer literacy and qualification of employees of private companies and organizations


The computer security company 


We are a company providing consulting, implementation, service, sales and technical support of ICT infrastructure in companies and organizations. "Diestra" - in Spanish right hand. Diestra comprende, or if you will, Diestra understands and gives its customers the right hand in solving computer problems and the functioning of corporate networks. Shake your right with IT specialists and salespeople from a stable company operating in their field since 2007. Our goal is to ensure the proper and secure operation of your corporate IT. You will have both hands free to develop and manage your company.






We educate users not only in office software


Computer literacy is a set of knowledges, abilities and skills, wich are focused on operating and using computer in personal both working life. Computer literacy skilled person can handle Personal Computer with common computer software, including it's hardware and use computer network (primarily internet). Get computer skills, especially in most known  office applications, like Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook are. Learn to use them effectively. Also you can send to training your colleagues or employers and rise their computer abilities and thus productivity. Our lecturers from Educate Me! division will help you very glad with choice of the most suitable course, or with the compilling the curriculum, what will meet your requirements and your options.



Russia is also promoting its interests directly on Czech territory, which the BIS has been drawing attention to for a long time. In 2018, members of all three Russian secret services operated here, and in one breath, counterintelligence draws attention to the dramatically high number of employees at the Russian embassy. It puts him in direct connection with the activities of the rapporteurs. According to the BIS, they are strengthening ties around Czech politicians, at the same time trying to trample the local anti-Kremlin expatriate associations.
The BIS draws attention to the successful disruption of the network created by the Russian counterintelligence FSB, in which the ICT infrastructure was built as part of a broader system used for its covert operations. Last year, the BIS clarified the cyber attack on the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the action had a Russian footprint. Hackers broke into his external information system through the Czech embassy abroad. Sensitive personal data for the change leaked from the e-mail accounts of several Czech soldiers after the intervention of the Russian cyber-spy campaign APT28 / Sofacy.

China is trying to get agents in the Czech Republic

In addition to Russia's hostile activities, Chinese operations pose a danger, which is also a trend in recent years. According to the BIS, Chinese activities last year were more intensive and extensive than in previous years, and China is still pursuing its interests here through its diplomats. In connection with the Chinese effort to penetrate the local academic community, security forces or state administration, the BIS mentions invitations to China.
China is trying to commit Czechs to trips to trainings, seminars or sightseeing tours. Aktuálně.cz pointed out this case this year, and the director of the Institute for Society and Politics, a think tank near YES, Šárka Prát, went to the realm of Wednesday for Chinese money. Aktuálně.cz also revealed the hidden financing of the Czech-Chinese Center at Charles University, which in turn forced the Rector of the University, Tomas Zima, to abolish it.
The BIS names the effort to acquire potential collaborators and agents in the Czech Republic as the main interest of the Chinese side. According to counterintelligence, Russia's main motif springs from elsewhere. "Russia's key goal is to manipulate decision-making processes and individuals responsible for making decisions in order to get the other party to weaken itself," he writes.

Criminal clientelism

In the economic field, the BIS primarily experienced a disruption in the proper functioning of the state's supervisory authorities. According to the rapporteurs, the unnamed bodies tried to intervene in their decision-making so that they could benefit from it. They relied on various methods, from standard lobbying to trying to manage their operation through their insiders to obtaining information from within these offices.
This year's shock in the Energy Regulatory Office corresponds to the described phenomenon - the government has removed three members of its management, including the chairman. According to the cabinet, they acted in the tow of private companies, which are subject to the powers of the office.
Counterintelligence also mentioned the continuing risk of the state's dependence on existing suppliers of ICT systems, the criminal law dimensions of clientelism or the threat arising from cooperation with companies from non-democratic countries.

Security information service

The Security Intelligence Service is one of the country's three intelligence services, a counterintelligence service with an internal scope. It collects, classifies and evaluates information important for the security, democratic establishment and protection of the economic interests of the Czech Republic.
In addition to the remaining local services, civilian intelligence and military intelligence, it also cooperates with Western agencies. The BIS is accountable to the government, with its knowledge the president can also assign tasks. The Cabinet and the Head of State are also recipients of their information, for example in 2019 they received 200 documents from the BIS. The police also use counterintelligence knowledge.
The public annual report is published by the BIS in the autumn, describing in particular general safety trends. The secret annual report summarizes the specific findings. The annual budget of the BIS is about 2 billion crowns, counterintelligence has about a thousand employees.
The BIS explicitly mentions what such a risk is. According to her, there is an indirect ratio - the less democratic the mother country of a given company, the greater the danger in contacts with such a company. "Through a number of formal and informal instruments, (authoritarian countries) are able to force these companies to suppress their own economic interests if necessary and to prioritize the political, military or intelligence goals of the state," the BIS writes.
On the contrary, he considers the situation in the field of terrorism to be calm. He has no knowledge that the Czech Republic is in danger in connection with the possible presence of Islamic extremists. Last year, the country did not even serve as a base for international terrorism. However, the BIS informed police about the activities of former Prague imam Samer Shehadeh, who helped his brother and sister-in-law to join a branch of the al-Qaeda terrorist organization in Syria.

Diestra® - our activities





Technology base of device

Integrated, compact and comfortable measuring system
The device is controlled by a industrial CPU
Definition : IoT category
Resistance according to standard: IP68



 check / inspect the following parameters:


 • position of the mechanical component - open / closed status detection
• status of the mechanical component - communicates / doesn't communicate
• pressure / vacuum level in the monitored technology
• GPS position monitoring
• current status of monitoring batteries
• ambient temperatur



Type of data communication

• sending change states of sensory measurements: component 1 / component 2
• sending data at regular intervals to the database via IoT network SigFox
• sending data based on the sent request towards Monitoring (optional)



• meets the requirements for mass applications
• allows operation with a very long battery life
• secure communication network architecture, interference immunity
• stable uplinl / downlink operation
• ultra-band radio modulation
• the transmission is not synchronized between the device and the network
• high emphasis on the security of transmitted data


Format of the acquired data
(options according to the requirements of the end user):

• basic line display of data distributed for use in the client's own surveillance system
• tabular display of monitoring status and subsequently data (basic data view)
• display of monitoring status and subsequently data on a map base based on the provided GPS position



• Guaranteed battery life per one charge: 24 months
• Estimated battery life per one charge: 48 months (and more)
 •  Warranty: 24 months


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Radio Configuration 1:  868-878.6 MHz with EIRP* = 16 dBm. 



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